Hrithik and Angela come to a gracious truce!

Hrithik Roshan had a mini tiff with Puri’s Rogue Heroine, Angela Krislinzki. The actress in one of her promotional interviews said she takes Hrithik as her friend and discuss with him about her future. The actor took offense to this and questioned, “Who are You?” on Twitter.

The actress immediately, apologised to the actor with a lengthy letter. She mentioned that she shared screen with him in ad films and during shot gaps, the actor gave her many suggestions to go forward in the industry and that is what she meant in the interview.

Hrithik, appreciated her apology and termed it as graceful. He calmed the situation by saying, it is common that media do write some misleading headlines. Well, all this could have been avoided if the actor tried to approach the actress in private rather than taking this public.


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