Human shield says he will never vote again in his life

Farooq Dar, the young Kashmiri who was tied to an army vehicle and paraded in Kashmir on the eve of the Sunday by election is a traumatized youth today.

Speaking  to the media he said that the soldiers “played with me like I was a toy”,  and asked “Am I a human being or an animal?”

Giving his version of events leading up to the humiliation, he said that he was picked up in an area which was free from violence, when he was travelling on a motor cycle after casting his vote, beaten up and finally tied to the army vehicle and paraded in 10-20  villages with a piece of paper attached to his chest declaring that he was a stone pelter.

Recovering from the incident will be tough and the victim said “There are no bruises over the surface but I am  hurt on the inside,” he said. “I can’t lift my hands. I can’t walk straight, I tremble if I try. They played with me like a football.”



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