I died three births back: RGV

The war between controversial director Ram Gopal Varma and Pawan took an ugly turn on Tuesday.

Since Monday,  a RIP RGV message and several other shocking images  showing people celebrating his death has widely been circulated on Twitter. An irked Ram Gopal Varma slammed the fans of Pawan Kalyan for circulating rumours about his death.

“Illiterate sheep not realising I died 3 births back n now it’s my ghost which is alive n ghosts can’t die bcos they live forever in death,” RGV tweeted.

On Saturday, RGV took potshots at Pawan Kalyan, whose Katamarayudu has opened to phenomenal response from fans across the word.

In a series of tweets, RGV sais, “3 wives dint see KR cos they know 30 times more what KR is telling 300 times nd not telling 3000 times .dint understand cos am watching porn.”


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