I’m Not Married: Richa

Richa Gangopadhyay has recently announced the retirement from the films. The actress is currently in the USA and spending her life there. She completed her graduation in MBA and was busy with her personal life. Meanwhile, we have come to know about the reports that she was married. But the actress finally clarified on the same.

“Since people can’t understand English or sarcasm I’ll break it down for you: no, I am not married, or getting married anytime soon. When I do, you’ll hear it from me directly. Not sure what logic it makes for someone to leave the limelight, by choice, work hard to get into a top grad school, only to come back to a field where that’s nowhere near required. Some people have intellectual needs to fulfill, not just goals of fame and $$$. Apparently, people in Telugu film media are so disappointed in my boring life that they feel the need to fabricate some masala for the masses. please focus on your active film drama and not retired actors’ lives.” Richa Gangopadhyay tweeted.


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