India launches heaviest rocket launcher in space

India successfully launched the GSLV Mk- III, which is the heaviest satellite made in India so far. It was launched from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh at 5.28pm IST on Monday. This puts India in the exclusive group of countries which have their own indigenous cryogenic engine technology.

The exultation was palpable and many comparisons followed: to 22 elephants, 5 jumbo jets, monster,  baahubali and fat boy in space.

The successful launch is significant as India has so far relied on other countries to send heavy satellites into space, which was expensive and a drain on ISRO’s budget. It will enable the country to launch 4-ton class commercial satellites from India itself.

The GSLV Mark III can carry put a payload weighing more than three tonnes into the high altitude orbit occupied by the spacecraft that relay TV, telephone calls and broadband connections.


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