Indian Constitution does not prohibit any sort of food

In the background of the killing of Pehlu Khan by “gau rakshaks” in Alwar, Rajasthan, we can now understand the goal of these so called cow vigilantes. The PM who spoke to these “goons” last year- appealing to them to target him and not the innocents is silent. Actually no minister in the BJP government has condemned the ghastly incident.

Recently Mr.Venkaiah Naidu made a most untruthful statement: “One can eat his food of choice, but avoid eating that food which is prohibited as per our Constitution,” Naidu was quoted as saying on Tuesday.

This is outrightly wrong as  the Indian Constitution does not prohibit any sort of food. In fact, the document does not even outlaw the killing of cows.

It is only in the directive principles that curbs on cow slaughter is mentioned  but as most of us “don’t know”- these directive principles are “non enforceable.”

Prohibition  of alcohol is also a directive principle

The prohibition of alcohol is also a directive principle and other than in a handful of states like Bihar, drinking is perfectly constitutional across the Indian Union. Similarly, in states like West Bengal and Kerala, there is no prohibition on the slaughter of cows and beef is easily available.

It is only after the massive victory in Uttar Pradesh, that the cow agenda of the RSS which was always lurking in back streets, has taken  centrestage in our country.  This is one issue which can divide our country on the basis of religion.



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