Indrasena Review

Film: Indrasena


Vijay Antony’s latest film Indrasena is finally in the theatres from today. There is a decent buzz all over for the movie and with good round of promotions, a lot of people are eagerly waiting for the film. Let us check out the review here.


The film is all about two twin siblings Indrasena and Rudrasena. While Indrasena is known for his drinking behaviour, Rudrasena is known for a good behaviour. Both their lives turn upside down with a sudden unfortunate murder. What happens after that and How did it effect them reveals the story of the movie.


Vijay Antony is brilliant with his performance in the film. He played a dual role in the film and showed a lot variations. The performance of Vijay Antony is a huge plus for the film and it is a saving grace as well. The heroines are the major drawback of the film. Both the leading ladies have got less scope to perform and they are bad with their looks as well. The other actors are okay in their limited parts and made their presence felt.


The film’s writing is good. The story of the film is okay. The dialogues are apt for the situations. The cinematography is good and apt for the mood of the movie. The colouring is nice. The editing of the film done by Vijay Antony is okay. The music of the film is scored by Vijay Antony. He impressed with a couple of songs. The background score of the film is not bad. The narration is okay but it could have been much better. The production values of the film are grand.


Indrasena is the story of sacrifice. It tells the sacrifice tale of one of the brothers named Indrasena. The film has got a good story line but the drama seems to be dragged. The unwanted disturbances and too much hard hitting emotional drama has spoiled the movie and all these diversions will definitely going to cost the makers. On a whole the film appears okay in parts and can be avoidable.

Rating: 1.75/5


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