Is Pawan sailing on two boats?

Jana Sena seems to have been lagging behind by failing to seize opportunities coming at him. It may be recalled that Pawan Kalyan had made his intention to fight against the Amaravati farmers following alleged irregularities in land pooling act of the AP government. He had organised a massive meeting in the area and learnt about the problems of the farmers. This act has show no result because the State government had already acquired the lands from those farmers.

While the people in the country are facing severe troubles with shortage of new currency notes following the demonetisation, Pawan Kalyan had the opportunity to get the attention of the public with his statements. But he didn’t do it.

 Sometimes, it seems that Pawan is sailing on two boats with regard to his political career and films. If so, will people trust his promises and aspirations is the big question. Similar to the Chief Ministers of the Telugu States, Pawan too is keeping mum on demonetisation eyeing long term interest with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP.


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