Is it lucky that we were denied special status?

TDP MP C M Ramesh Naidu has released an interesting statement on the issue of ‘Special Status for the state of Andhra Pradesh’. He claimed that it is lucky that the state hasn’t received the special status. He said that if it was given, it would have been revoked within a year. He gave these statements as a part of his speech during the TDP Jana Chaitanya Yatra at Jammalamadugu. He also challenged the YSRCP MLAs to resign and go for a by-election. He claimed that 80% of the people are pro TDP. In the same event, District Incharge Minister, Ghanta Sreenivasa Rao, said that Adinarayana Reddy and Ramasubba Reddy have united and Jagan’s dreams will remain as dreams. He touted that the criticism on TDP government is due to people who are distraught of the development caused by TDP. 

It is laughable and shameful that someone who is supposed to have the welfare of the common man as his motive release such statements. It is either that he is trying to mollify the public outrage over CM Chandrababu Naidu and TDP or he is erroneously ignorant about the advantages of the special status. It is obvious that he was inefficient in demanding the promised special status for AP. It is also to be noticed that a special status would only be revoked if and only if the state government was not able to submit the allocation of the funds granted and released for its development. Is MP C M Ramesh Naidu intoning that it is good that the state got the package with meagre funds whose usage is monitored by the centre as if the special status was granted, the funds released would go to lining the pockets of people which cannot be reported and the status would be revoked? Or is he claiming that it is good for the common man to not have the special status and lose opportunities to grow and stay ignorant? It is evident that the party wants to keep the people ignorant and maintain vote bank. Special status empowers the common man and the special package keeps him dependant. It is shameful that someone who is a representative of the public to act against them.


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