Jayammu Nischayymuraa Review 

Banner: Shiva Raj Kanumuri

Producer: Satish Kanumuri, Shiva Raj Kanumuri

Director: Shiva Raj Kanumuri

Music: Ravichandra

Casting: Srinivas Reddy, Poorna, Sree Vishnu,Ravi Varma, Posani Krishna Murali, Krishna Bhagavan and  Praveen

Rating: 2.75

Sarvamangalam (Srinivas Reddy) from Karimnagar gets a government job in Kakinada. He is a superstitious person and very low on self confidence. He follows the instructions of Swamiji(Jeeva). He goes to Kakinada by leaving his ailing mother hoping that he will get an early transfer to hometown. He falls in love with Rani (Poorna), who is an employee with E-seva. He tries to woo her but could not express his love to her. The twist in the tale arises when he comes to know that Rani falls for JC (Ravi Varma) who is Sarvamangalam’s boss.  What will  Sarvamangalam now? How will he impress Rani? forms the rest of the story.

Srinivas Reddy has carried out his role with aplomb and gave a matured performance. He slipped into the role effortlessly. He was an apt choice for those innocent expressions. His Telangana accent is brilliant. Purna plays the role a girl-next-door. She score good marks with her performance. Krishna Bhagawan gets a meaty role after a very long time. Ravi Varma’s character as womenizer is etched well and his timing is spotless. Others including Praveen, Posani, Jogi Brothers and  Rahul Ramakrishna did their bit as required.

Ravichandra’s music is below average but background score is impressive. Pace of the movie is very slow. Editing could have been far better. Production values are good and the camera work succeeds in showcasing the film as natural as possible.There are some dialogues that have worked very well. Coming to the director  Sivaraaj,, he has done a decent job with the film. He has an interesting story line which is set well in a rural set up. Had he added some interesting elements and increased a bit of comedy, the output would have been far better. The screenplay is not right.

After watching film, many wondered why star director Koratala Siva gave a such hype to the film. He went on to say that Janatha Garage has some flaws but Jayammu Nischayymuraa has noting.

There are some good elements in the film which will connect with everyone but the film looked like a series with no real twists and turns. Srinivas Reddy’s performance, cinematography and situational comedy are some of the plus points of the movie. On the flip side, the film is very slow and it will test the patience of the audience. But it picks the pace on a sparkling note during the climax and puts a smile on your face in the end.

Overall, Jayammu Nischayammu Raa is a decent film but better to see it without high expectations


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