Journalist murdered in Tripura for exposing cop’s corruption?

Sudip Datta Bhowmik (52), a senior reporter with  local daily, Syandan Patrika, was shot dead on Tuesday, November 21st allegedly by a constable of the 2nd Tripura State Rifles (TSR). He was called to the office of TSR for some clarification, when the incident occurred.

The editor  of Syandan Patrika, claimed that  Bhowmik was killed because he had written a series of reports on “financial irregularities and corruption cases” involving TSR Commandant Tapan Debbarma. According to the police, Bhowmik had also reported on Debbarma’s “extramarital affair”.

Killed in cold blood

“He was called by Tapan Debbarma, the 2nd TSR Commandant, and murdered in cold blood. In recent months, Sudip had written at least three detailed reports about financial irregularities committed by Debbarma in the 2nd TSR. Bhowmik’s reports said Debbarma was involved in irregularities to the tune of about Rs 10 crore. Debbarma’s IPS nomination did not come through because of our reports,” alleged Subal Kumar Dey, editor and owner of Syandan Patrika. The commandant has been arrested and enquiry is on.

“His mobile phone and notebook are missing. His identity card and wallet, however, were intact. The officer must have snatched them away because he was recording as well as taking down notes. I noticed injury marks which appeared to have occurred when his body was dragged out to the field after he was shot. There were two holes in his stomach caused by bullets fired on him from close range,” Dey claimed.


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