Kaashmora wouldn’t like it be known as ‘epic’: Karthi 

Actor Karthi says his act in the latest Tamil film “Kaashmora” is something that he hasn’t done before. And that’s important as repetition is like death to him.
“It’s my first release since ‘Oopiri’ in Telugu which got me huge praise. I had to do something different, something challenging. In ‘Kaashmora’, I think my director Gokul and I have succeeded in creating something unique, something magical. Most important it’s something I haven’t done before. For me, repetition is death,” said Karthi.

Karthi says it would be erroneous to see “Kaashmora” as a costume drama. 

“There is only 30 minutes of a period drama in the narrative. In that sense, it is formatted like S.S. Rajamouli’s ‘Magadheera’ which had about 20 minutes of period drama. Yet it’s those 20 minutes that are still spoken about.”

That worried Karthi. He doesn’t quite like the idea of “Kaashmora” being seen as a costume drama. “In Indian cinema ‘epic’ means period dramas. In that sense, I wouldn’t like it be known as ‘epic’. There is much more to what we have done here.”

“The majority of screen space in ‘Kaashmora’ is occupied by my other character Raj Nayak. We have worked really hard on creating a hero who is not only different from all the characters I’ve played so far, but is also a step ahead for the cult of heroism in Tamil cinema.”


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