Kerala schoolgirl saves herself, 10 girls from child marriage

A brave, uplifting piece of news after all the dismal news we read everyday.

A distress call from one of the children to Childline’s toll-free number —1098,  led to Childline volunteers finding 10 children and rescuing them from marriage at the tender ages of 15 to 16 years.

Said that she wanted to continue her studies

Malappuram district Childline Coordinator Anwar Karakkadan told the media that one of the girls called the number and requested them to cancel her marriage which was arranged to be held during summer vacation in April- May. She said that she wanted to continue her studies.

“She also said that she would die if this marriage was conducted. The call helped to prevent child marriages of 10 girls, all in their 10th class. Among the 10 girls, two were 15 years old, while the others were 16,” he added.

This is 21st century India for you. All the families were Muslims, extremely poor and the parents knew/ believed that they cannot afford education or later marriages for their daughters. So much for minority appeasement.


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