Kittu Unnadu Jagratha Review & Rating 

Rating : 2/5
Director : Vamsi Krishna
Producer : Anil Sunkara
Music Director : Anup Rubens
Starring : Raj Tarun, Anu Emmanuel

Vamsi Krishna, who made a debut with ‘Dongata’ collaborated with in-form Raj Tarun and came up with ‘Kittugaadu Unnadu Jagratha’. As the film is bound of have some expectations because of its entertaining teasers and trailers, let us see how the film is.
Kittu(Raj Tarun) is a car mechanic but does the job of kidnapping dogs and demanding money from its owners. This whole thing is linked with his lover Janaki(Anu Emanual) but some barrier forms between them and Kittu lands in trouble with a hardcore criminal AR(Arbaaz Khan). Why is Kittu kidnapping dogs? How does he get out of his problems and wins his love again? All the answers for these questions form rest of the story.
Characters like these are a cake walk for Raj Tarun. He performs his role with ease and impresses with his comedy timing. Anu Emanual looks good and has nothing to in the film. Prudhvi provides the much needed comic relief in this film. Though it is a clichéd role, he manages to evoke laughter. Arbaaz Khan is decent but got wasted in a spineless role. All the other cast do their part and go away.
The production values are good and so does the cinematography. Music by Anup Rubens is below par as none of the songs look impressive. Editing is bad as many part of the film looks dragged. Dialogues by Sai Madhav Burra are fine and funny.
Coming to director Vamsi Krishna, he has done an average job. Though the first half is a bit entertaining, he completely messes up the second half. The screenplay of the film is confusing as many characters occupy the screen.
The story has nothing new to offer and even the kidnapping of the dogs seen to be taken from ‘Express Raja’. The love track looks very clichéd and fails to bring in the emotions. Certain comedy scenes are good but they can’t save the film.
With the kind of introduction villain gets, one thinks of a powerful character. But finally he ends up as a puppet in the hands of hero. Whenever the director tried to add twists to the routine narration, he complicated the things further.
But, the director dealt the last 30 minutes in a very entertaining way which saves the film to a certain extent.
Verdict: ‘Kittugaadu Unnadu Jagratha’- A warning to the audience.


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