Krishnam Raju’s satires on Spielberg

Veteran actor Krishnam Raju said he would like to ask Steven Spielberg, who has made certain comments on Indian cinema, whether he has watched “Baahubali”.

When Rajamouli finally arrived on stage, he had a lot of people to thank. From policemen who helped the conduct the event smoothly to his crew members, he extended heartfelt gratitude.

He also thanked his wife Rama for being his support and keeping his grounded.

Anushka said that each and every one of them got to learn something from each other while working on the project.

“While all of us put in so much of effort in the film, Prabhas dedicated five years of his life. All of us are proud of him,” she said.

Rana, who plays Bhallala Deva in the film, said every minute of the last five years was close to his heart.


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