KYANT cyclone threat to Andhra Pradesh

The Cyclone may hit Vizag in next 72 hours  

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) predicts very heavy rain and strong wind is expected to affect Odisha coast by Cyclone KYANT around the 28th October early hours. IMD has also warned that it is bigger than Hudhhud and coming to Visakhapatnam on 30th.  According to IMD, KYANT cyclone has changed its directions and heading towards AP, particularly the north coastal districts.

The cyclone is currently centered at about 800 km east of Visakhapatnam. It is expected to hit Vizag in the next 72 hours.According to the Cyclone Warning Centre in Visakhapatnam, AP will start receiving moderate rains from early Thursday and the rains will turn severe across coastal districts by Saturday. IMD alerted the fishermen not to venture into the sea in view of the winds of up to 65 kmph likely to prevail along coastal areas from Thursday.

Meanwhile, the people of Visakhapatnam, who have recently commemorated the completion of two years of ‘Hud Hud’ Cyclone, are staring at another disaster.  


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