Latest Update on Sunil’s 2 Countries

 From the prestigious production house Maha Lakshmi Arts owned by N Shankar, here comes the new film is titled 2 Countries. The laughter riot starring Sunil is being remade from Malayalam hit of the same title is cruising for December release. Having made content rich hit films like Jai Bolo Telangana, Sri Ramulayya, Bhadrachalam, Jayam Manadera and many more, N Shankar picked one more entertaining script of 2 Countries from Malayalam.

Entire production of the film is finished in USA, Indian locations and post production is also wrapped up.

“Apparently, we finished the complete shoot with co-operation from artists and technicians. Currently, we have also wrapped post production and planning to release the movie in December. As we found the original Malayalam title 2 Countries an apt title, we moved forward with same. Definitely, Sunil will enjoy a big break through and the film has come out thoroughly entertaining. All those audience who blessed with biggest hits Jai Bolo Telangana, Sri Ramulayya, Bhadrachalam etc will enjoy 2 Countries.


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