Lending voice to a just cause

While our Prime Minister is lending his support  to PayTM and  Reliance Jio,and has turned advertising star for them, we are surprised to see the  young leaders of 2016-  Kanhaiya Kumar of Jawaharlal Nehru University and Gujarat  Dalit leader,Jignesh Mevani  who went  as chief guests  to Mumbai and lent their voice to the cause of Safai Karamcharis or sanitation workers, fighting for a just cause.

Safai karamcharis in Maharashtra have not been paid minimum wages for nearly two years, and are demanding minimum wages and an end to the contract system. They organized a  union rally and are demanding. A  protest  rally of more than 2,000 sweepers, garbage collectors, sewer cleaners and dumping ground workers gathered  at Mumbai’s Azad Maidan. The press also covered  it , thanks to the young and popular leaders.

“You are all aware that the contractors who employ you are the ones pocketing your minimum wages,” said Kanhaiya Kumar. “But you have the power not only to clean the garbage of this city, but also the garbage in the minds of the politicians who ask for your votes.”

Why does the government which is stressing so much on Swacch Bharat not highlighting the plight and doing its duty towards the manual workers who clean our roads and drains everyday?



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