‘Mahanadu, an event of feasting and pleasure trip’

YSR Congress Party official spokesperson Ambati Rambabu on Tuesday dubbed the  three –day Mahanadu of TDP as an event of feasting and pleasure trip leaving the people’s issues to wind.

Speaking to the media persons at the party office in Hyderabad, Ambati said  that the top leadership should volunteer for a CBI probe into the corruption charges being faced.

“The publicity of the Mahanadu has been on the lines of self promotion and bashing of opposition without any basis and Lokesh saying that he is prepared for a debate on corruption charges only shows that he is a green horn in politics,” he said.

He further said that even not a single member of the NTR family was seen on the dais and people will not forget how the founder president NTR was insulted and backstabbed and how Chandrababu Naidu had usurped the party and power through backdoor.



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