Mahesh was very accommodating: Murugadoss

Spyder marks Mahesh Babu’s debut in the Tamil industry. Asked how it feels to launch a superstar in a new language, Murugadoss said Mahesh Babu was very accommodating.

“Mahesh felt like a debutant, but for me, it was as important as any other film. Agreed, with him on board, there was more pressure to deliver, but it kept us motivated. In the beginning, the idea of a bilingual got us very excited. It was only after we started shooting, did we realize how challenging it was. Each scene and even the songs had to be shot twice. It was physically taxing, especially when most of the shooting happened at night,” he said.

 “We had 80 days of night shoot. Not many stars would be willing to shoot through the nights so extensively. Mahesh is an exception and he never complained about night shooting. In fact, he offered to shoot extra days if needed,” he said.


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