Who is the man behind Modi’s denomination decision?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shocked the entire nation with his surprise announcement that all the all Rs 5 00 and Rs 1,000 bank notes would be scrapped from midnight. If you think that it was completely Modi’s decision, then you are wrong. 
The mind behind Modi’s demonetization drive is Anil Bokil of Artha Kranthi Sansthan. The Mechanical engineer, who is also a member of the ArthaKranti Sansthan, is said to be man behind the ban. A few months back, Anil met Modi who gave him nine minutes. But after Anil began explaining, the meeting continued for nearly two hours. 
Surprisingly, he reportedly met Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi some months ago and But Rahul gave him only a few second time.
During the meeting with Modi, Anil reportedly came out with this  demonetization idea. 
In 2009, In an interview with a news channel, he had said, “We are more into physical transaction involving cash (compared to other countries). Because of the physical exchange of cash we do not have any records of the cash transactions between two individuals who have entered into an exchange of money…We should encourage bank transactions or electronic payment modes.”


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