Maoists  threaten to take revenge on Naidu and his son Lokesh

They call AOB gun battle a ‘fake encounter’

Andhra Pradesh state Maoist Committee has threatened to take revenge against Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu and his son Lokesh. 28 Maoists were killed by the greyhounds Police forces in 48 hours ago.

The Communist Party of India (Maoist) termed it a “fake encounter” and press release was sent to the media, undersigned by its spokesman Shyam that they will take revenge for the AOB encounter, adding that Naidu has started his old style of ruling with blood shed.

 Naidu had forced the police to kill the labourers involved in red sanders immediately after coming to power and now he has followed similar method in AOB. They  further warned that Chief Minister Naidu will not escape this time- they will kill him and his son with suicide attacks.

The Maoists said the AOB encounter was a major covert operation, in which 6,000 police forces were used for the operation. Maoist leader Shyam said that police hired the services of covert operatives to mix the food served to the Maoists with narcotic, and gunned down the leaders and team members after they took the food.

The Maoists vowed that they will eliminate former Naxalites who joined hands with the police. They further alleged that the AOB encounter is a planned attack by the state and central governments. In the name of law, Constitution and democracy, police are protecting ‘political fraudsters’ and killing Maoists with an eye on awards,” he alleged. 


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