BJP MLA’s inflammatory speech in UP

In the background of the closure of slaughter houses in UP , Vikram Saini, a Bharatiya Janata Party MLA from Uttar Pradesh’s Khatauli constituency, on Saturday  said that he will break the limbs of those who kill cows and those unwilling to say Vande Mataram.

 History repeats itself

This is an MLA who has been arrested earlier for his inflammatory speeches in Muzaffarnagar in 2013. But now things have changed after the BJP’s massive victory in Uttar Pradesh. Threatening the minorities has begun in full steam in UP and the BJP leaders are unapologetic about their statements.

MLA remains unapologetic

The video of his speech, while addressing followers is being widely circulated in social media. On Sunday, Saini was unapologetic for his controversial comments and insisted he had done no wrong. “I speak the language of a villager. I said nothing wrong. Should I worship those who kill cows and rape our sisters?” Saini told the media.


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