Modi and Trump’s conversation

The fifth phone call Donald Trump made after assuming office as President of U.S.A was to India’s PM, Narendra Modi. After the phone call,Modi tweeted that they had a warm conversation and plan to further strengthen ties between the two countries.

India , “a true friend”

The new President said that the United States considers India as “a true friend and a partner in addressing challenges around the world,” on Tuesday. The White House in a statement reiterated that, “The two discussed opportunities to strengthen the partnership between the United States and India in broad areas such as the economy and defence. They also discussed security in the region of South and Central Asia. President Trump and Prime Minister Modi resolved that the United States and India stand shoulder-to-shoulder in the global fight against terrorism.”

A military ally of the U.S.

It must be recalled here that strengthening ties with U.S.A has been a priority issue with Modi’s regime, so much so that its relations with many of its neighbours, especially China has suffered and India has become a defacto military ally of the U.S. Also the anti-Muslim stance of Trump brought many American Hindus to come out enthusiastically in his support.

Talking about Modi in his pre-election campaigns, Trump had praised Narendra Modi. “Great man. I applaud him for doing so.”( for reforming India’s bureaucracy). Describing himself as a “big fan of Hindu….a big fan of India”, he had said “the Indian and Hindu community would have a true friend in the White House if he is elected the President.



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