Modi hun. Zulm ke samne jhukta nahin 

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, the star campaigner for his party, the BJP, is again doing what he is now famous for-speaking rhetoric.

The  pride of Punjabis tarnished?

Today in a joint rally with the Akali Dal in Punjab, he blamed the opposition for projecting the drug menace in Punjab and tarnishing the image of the state. He said, “Some people are taking politics to a new low by tarnishing the image of the youth of Punjab.” He further went on to add that the  pride of Punjabis was tarnished by such statements and the Assembly polls in the State were the best way to reply to such remarks.

But plain statistics reveal that drug abuse is a rising menace in Punjab and the first step in fighting it is to accept the reality. As PM, Modi needs to speak facts and not about misplaced pride.

About demonetization

On demonetization, he said that he being Modi will not bend before injustice-” Modi hun. Zulm ke samne jhukta nahin. My drive against corruption is an apolitical affair aimed at ridding the country of black money.But people who have amassed illegal wealth in the past 70 years are worried and are attacking me as they are still unable to digest the decision.”

It is now a common fact that the pain of demonetization was suffered by the poor and common people and those who had”amassed illegal wealth” were left untouched.

More rhetoric

“In 2022, when India will enter its 75 years of Independence every person will have his own house,”

 “In three years, we gave LPG connection to 5 crore poor families.”

“The water of the Sindhu river that flows to Pakistan, the water belongs to India and we will make that water flow in Punjab.” 

The campaign speeches go on………

Punjab goes to elections on 4th of February.


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