Modi’s latest speech in Fatehpur, U.P  violates Supreme court verdict

The Supreme court in its recent verdict (in January) prohibits the use of religion in election campaigns. But this was openly violated by none other than the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in his latest election rally on Saturday in Fatehpur , Uttar Pradesh.

As usual he began in a equanimous tone to say that there should be “no discrimination on the basis of caste and religion”, Modi said, “Agar Ramzan mein bijli aati hai, to Diwali me bhi aani chahiye, bhedbhav nahi hona chahiye (If there is electricity during Ramzan, it must also be available during Diwali, there should be no discrimination),” he said.

So far, it sounded alright. But he did not stop there. He went a step further and said that if there was a kabaristaan (Muslims’ burial place), there should be a shamshaan (cremation ground for Hindus) too.

The action and reaction

This latest transgression of the election code drew many reactions on social media, as expected. Sitaram Yechury, the leader of CPI said that all pretensions of “vikas/development”has been dropped by this polarizing speech.

The AAP leader, Ashutosh reacted on Twitter by posting this: “Modi’s statement about Kabristan is test of EC/3 commissioners ! Will EC take action against  Modi for his blatant communal speech ? I doubt ?

We can only wait and watch.


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