More loyal than the king 

Have you ever heard of ‘Lokesh’ or ‘Bhuvaneswari’ bank’ or ‘Brahmini Limited’,   probably not.  And when you heard of them you just get a feeling that that these were Nara family business establishments like Heritage, but you are wrong. These establishments’ finds place only in JNTU engineering second year MEFA question paper, thanks to ‘more loyal than the king’ attitude of JNTU Kakinada professors, who set the question paper. The students who appeared for the exam were surprised and amused when they find mention of Nara family members in the questions they were asked to answer. 

And just go through this one example, to gauge yourself the over flowing love of professors on Nara the first family, that’s it, “Identify the recording process of journal entry in systematic manner. The Questions were: the business commenced with the cash (Rs.5 L), deposited in Lokesh bank Ltd (Rs.3L), goods purchased from Heritage Ltd (Rs. 2.5L), sold goods to Brahmini Ltd (Rs.30L), paid to Heritage Ltd (Rs.20 L) and paid to office expenses (Rs.1 L).  

The question raised many eye brows not only in exam room, also in political circles and even the university VC felt that it should not have happened. That’s it. 


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