Naidu imposes ban on Vana Bhojanalu 

All we know the spiritual significance of Karthika Masam, the most favored moth of all Hindu calendar. It has its political importance too, thanks to ‘Vana Bhojanalu’ (community kitchen) where people gather in numbers at parks, gardens, groves, temples and other public places to have community lunch. And in the recent times caste based organizations organizing ‘Vana Bhojanam’ program and naturally leaders of respective castes are invited as special guests and even  Ministers, legislators and other top leaders never say ‘no’ to these invitations as all they know the importance caste in politics.

However,  the TDP supreme and AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has reportedly passed diktat to party leaders including Ministers and legislators not  to attend caste specific Vana Bhojanalu. Naidu took this unpleasant decision to down play the caste polarization Kapu community in favour of Mudragada and BC and SC voters in favour of Opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

 And the grapevine has it that though the leaders silently accepted to fallow the diktat, most of them are unhappy over the decision as they finding it difficult to say no to their constituents, fearing alienation.


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