Naidu working on filling nominated posts To keep the flack together    

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Nadu is working on different formulas to keep his flock together and to strengthen the party base in Andhra Pradesh. On one hand he is working on cabinet expansion to accommodate a few from old guards and few others from YCP defectors to check the growing distress and disillusionment among party MLAs. However the cabinet expansion, particularly taking defectors into cabinet is turning out to be a difficult task as the Governor Narasimhan has raised some technical objections to induct defectors into the cabinet.  
So as an alternative formula it was learned Naidu is reportedly planning to fill the nominated posts prior to cabinet expansion to keep the aspirants in good humour to the extent possible.   
It may be recalled here that since the TDP came to power, second rug leaders who sweated their might in keeping the party in lime light for ten long years were anxiously waiting some nomination post in reciprocation of their service to the party. However Naidu, for reasons known to everybody kept nominated posts issue in cold storage till recently. He filled few nominated posts in last month. And now probably out of necessity he is planning to fill some nominated posts. However the party sources feel that even the filling up of nominated post without dissent is not an easy task.


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