No conversion into Hindu religion for Samantha

We decided to get married next year
Akkineni lover boy, Nagachaitanya has clarified that Samantha is not going to convert to Hinduism. A few days ago, photos of Naga Chaitanya and Samantha performing pooja together went viral in social media and speculated that Akkineni family forced her to convert to Hindu.
Naga Chaitanya finally spoke on this issue and put all speculations to rest. He clarified that he doesn’t care about religion or caste. He further added that they had together attended the occasion when his dad Akkineni Nagarjuna conducted a pooja at Annapurna Studio. It was a family pooja and has nothing to do with religious conversion. “Naga Chaitanya also said that he and Samantha have decided to get married early next year.


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