Not in my name

Thousands of people participated in peaceful demonstrations on Wednesday in nearly 10 cities to register their protest against the lynchings of Muslims and Dalits all over the country. The nation-wide protest was called-“Not in my name.”

Thousands of people gathered in Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad( in Tank Bund) joined in the protest showing that the citizens are worried about the increased violence towards the minorities.

“Jobs not Mobs”

Placards carried by the protestors were most telling . “Stop cow-terrorism,” one of them was “Jobs not mobs.” Many also carried the Preamble of the Indian Constitution. Some of the protest banners read, “I refuse to be a citizen of Lynchistan.”

Last Friday, about 20 men attacked four Muslims on a train in the outskirts of New Delhi, fatally stabbing a teenager, Junaid Khan and seriously injuring two others.two Delhi government staff were involved in instigating the mob.incidentally 16 year old Junaid had offered his seat to one of the accused.

Many who participated in the silent protest said they have come to break their silence against the violence done in the name of Hinduism. 


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