Paisa Vasool Review

Nandamuri Balakrishna and Puri Jagannadh’s Paisa Vasool has hit the theatres on Friday.

Bob Marley (role played by Vikram Jeet) is an international don who lives in Portugal. He operates crime and terror in India from Portugal. Indian Intelligence fails to get hold of him despite many attempts to catch him. In the desperate attempt to catch Bob Marley, the Intelligence officer (Kabir Bedi) search for a person who would be apt but weird. He appoints Theda Singh(Balakrishna) who comes from Tihar Jail. The rest of story is all about how Theda Singh deals with this case.

paisa Vasool can be named as Balakrishna’s one-man-show. A feast for those you celebrate Balayya’s swag. Must appreciate him for the ultimate energy he has. Shriya Saran looks apt beside Balakrishna, Kaira and Muskaan’s roles were limited. Comedians Prudhvi Raj, Ali justified their roles well in spite of low-wit comedy. The cast who played the villains had no scope for many actions.

The dialogues in this movie are very well written which is what Puri is very good at. Puri has shown Balayya in a very contrasting way in Paisa Vasool. Music by Anup Rubens is in sync with the story. Action sequences are very well made. But there are no variations in the action sequences.

After Pokiri, director Puri Jagannadh seems to be too much into the routine plots with mafia backdrop. The same thing is visible in Paisa Vasool too. The crux of the story is a one liner to be straight. A mafia don who is hunted down by the hero. But, we have to admit that it is the hero’s characterization that makes the real difference in this movie Paisa Vasool. Balakrishna in the role of Theda(which means weird) Singh has acted up to the mark. All the fans are to be quite happy to see their favorite hero so perky and energetic.

Balakrishna’s dialogue delivery, his swag, and the contemporary action are to grab the attention of the audience, especially the fans. The same old story and concept are not that naive. So, there is nothing much in the screen play to get excited about. Dialogues are of high repeat value, which will excite the cult fans of Balakrishna.

Overall, Paisa Vasool strictly for Balayya fans

Rating: 2/5


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