A parody song for first anniversary of demonetisation

The first anniversary of the ruling party’s most criticised demonetisation is nearing(November 8th 2016) and a musical group named The Banned has made a song called “Baar baar fenko” which is dedicated to “the biggest parody ever in India”- the decision to ban overnight the use of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes. It  is sharply critical of the Prime Minister and calls him “Vikas ke pita” and  invokes the beat-Namo, Namo…

The song is tuned like the old classic”Baar baar dekho” but there stops the similarity. It details the difficulties faced by common man and goes on to end with an emphatic line saying that the corrupt  actually benefited from demonetisation(Kaala do,,,safed lo…),naming both Adanis and Ambanis.

Any criticism of the BJP policies especially the demonetisation and GST has had to face  direct suppressive action as was seen with the Tamil movie Mersal. One  can only imagine how this musical band will be treated after their brave humour.


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