Pawan fires missile on Amaravathi 

The friend slowly but steadily turning into foe, Pawan Kalyan has rubbed AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu capital wounds.
Interacting with college students in Anantapur district, the Jana Sena Chief fired a missile on CM’s dream capital city ‘Amaravathi’ he said “if I was in his (Naidu) position, I would not have ventured into such a nightmare project”. The power star referring revolutionary leader Tarimela Nagireddy Telugu book ‘Takattulo Bharatha Desam’ (India Mortgage) said that he would not have allowed the State to be mortgaged in the name Amaravathi. In a sense, the actor turned politician hinted the present dispensation is pushing the State into debt trap and ultimately to economic chaos.
Equating Amaravathi to Naypyidaw, the bizarre empty capital of Myanmar, Pawan Kalyan said that because of the incompliant ambitions of the rulers the country has plunged into debt trap and the people were the ultimate sufferers and country has gone to dogs. I can’t dream such ‘costly’ dreams he quipped. In the nutshell Pawan Kalyan made it clear that he is against construction of Amaravathi and described it as a foolish adventurism.
Do any one in TDP hearing it?


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