Pawan Kalyan’s statue may not see light!

Jana Sena supporters and Powerstar fans are worried after that Pawan Kalyan is not giving his nod for unveiling of his statue. The statue is installed at major centre in Tadepallegudem in West Godavari. However, the fans who installed it waiting for the Pawan’s signal to unveil it.

Now, even after so many days there seems to be no response from Pawan Kalyan on the statue. The statue, which is covered with papers and covers, is half visible to the public. Some pictures of the statue are doing rounds in the social networking sites.

It is learnt that Jana Sena leader Seethala Mohanchandu, who has deep respect towards Pawan Kalyan, from Tadepallegudem has spent his money for the statue. Since Pawan Kalyan wouldn’t encourage such acts of unveiling statues and praise, the statue is left without being unveiled.



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