Payyavula plying tricks to replace Sunitha in cabinet

it is a well established fat that the TDP in Anantapur is a divided house. And in the light of possible State cabinet expansion on the cards, a group in the party is working overtime to defame civil supplies Minister Paritala Sunitha and in the process making all allegations, including that the Minister is in hand in glove with the Opposition YSRCP.

The group consisting of MLC Payyavula Keshav who is in the race for a berth in the cabinet, JC Diwakara Reddy and Dharmavaram legislator Varadapuram Suri were trying to blow up a minor rift between Sunitha and Suri over a contract in Dharmavaram. It may be recalled here that a couple of days back both the factions clashed with each other pelting stones. Suri went to the extent of sitting in dharna at SP office.

Paritala factions suspects Payyavula hand in it and said that it is Keshav who is instigating Suri with the sole purpose of defaming the Minister. And when it comes to conspiracy theory as alleged by Sunitha faction, besides Sunitha who is Kamma by caste, Palle Raghunatha Reddy, a Reddy by caste representing the district in the State cabinet.

Incidentally Payyavula Keshav who is aspiring a berth in the cabinet is also belongs to same caste, Kamma. And to balance the caste equations he is making every possible bit to show the women minister in bad light before the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu to replace her in the cabinet.



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