Posani Krishna Murali returns Nandi award

Popular character actor Posani Krishna Murali announced returning of the Nandi award. He won the best supporting actor award for NTR’s Temper.

Expressing his disappointment over the selection of the awardees, Posani announced this.

‘’Many people feel that there is a lot of injustice in the selection process. I request CM Chandrababu Naidu cancel all the awards and redo the process through IVRC method. Even if I don’t get any award, I don’t mind. If he doesn’t cancel these awards, I won’t touch the Nandi Award again in my entire life. If the government corrects its mistakes, I would be happy about it,’’ he told during a press meet.

He has aslo questioned the credibility of the jury members, who choose the winners based on their caste. He even lashed out at Nara Lokesh for bringing the topic of local and non-locals into the Nandi Award debate.


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