Prabhas Doing First Full-Length Action Film!

The film’s director Sujeeth says major chunk of the film’s budget will be used on action sequences.

“The scale on which it is being made, major budget will be spent on some extravagant action scenes. Although it will be a commercial outing, we are attempting something new and I would like to keep that as a surprise element,” Sujeeth said.

The makers are reportedly spending Rs 35 crore on a single action sequence.

“Honestly, we haven’t set aside the budget yet. As I said before, we will spend lavishly on action,” he said.

Although he remains tight-lipped about Prabhas’s character, Sujeeth says that the film will be very stylish.

“It will be as stylish as a James Bond film. When it comes to emotions and drama, it will be handled in a way it appeals to everybody,” he said.


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