Praja Darbaar at Raj Bhavan

Governor couple celebrate Diwali with public On the occasion of Diwali, Governor ESL Narasimhan and his wife Vimala Narasimhan held a Prajaa Darbaar in Raj Bhavan. They received warm greetings from general public. A cross section of people including working class to businessmen visited the Governor. Some people also presented gifts to the Governor couple which they hesitantly accepted. Some people touched his feet as a mark of respect and took his blessings. Later, the first couple of both the Telugu States extended their Diwali greetings to the Telugu people. The Darbaar, began at 11am, lasted for over an hour.

Narasimhan has been serving as the Governor for the Telugu States since 2009. He was appointed as the Governor of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh in January 2010 and has been continuing as the Governor of both the Telugu states after taking charge of Telangana since its inception.






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