Pushing the buck

 Pushing the buck, is art the politicians which to learn with all impunity at their command. And Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu mastered it to the core.
 The latest example, he pushed the buck for delay in Polavaram project works progress on to the contractors and washed his hands. The Chief Minister held virtual inspection from camp office in Vijayawada on Monday where in the officials giving an explanation for the delay informed him that material and equipment has not reached the site in time, hence the delay. Naidu as usual fumed at the contractors and fixed fresh deadlines for spill way and power house excavation works. But it was everybody’s guess the primary reason for the delay in Polavaram project works was government’s inconsistent approach and diversion of funds released by the centre and delay in getting clearances. 
And going by the pace of the works going the experts feel it is humanly and technically not possible to meet the set targets. Of  course Naidu also knows he fact.      


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