Rahul Gandhi accuses Modi of ‘personal corruption’

Rahul Gandhi today  said that he had explosive and detailed information, that pointed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi of ‘personal corruption.’ He had been telling recently that the information he had will cause an earthquake and therefore he has not been allowed to speak in parliament.

Today his direct statements to the media, outside the parliament house  shocked the entire country. He further said the opposition was united on this accusation of corruption. Leaders of 15 opposition parties were with Rahul Gandhi when he issued these statements.

“My information is personal information on Narendra Modiji, which I want to put out in the Lok Sabha. I want to say it there as an elected member of parliament,” he added.

Mr Gandhi also said he was speaking for all opposition parties as he demanded: “The Prime minister should stop taking alibis and he should come to the House and give all of us an opportunity to speak.

Instead of a debate on the issue, the ruling party leaders (except Modi himself, who remains silent) fell back to the regular banter that Rahul Gandhi is making a joke of himself. “The allegation was made out of desperation and he should apologise to the nation,” said Union Minister Ananth Kumar. (But let us note that 15 leaders were with Rahul. Should they all apologise? ). Prakash Javadekar said that there is not a blot on Modi.

The people too want a debate on issues as this concerns all, not the shouting matches we are seeing everyday on our Television channels.   


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