Rahul Gandhi coming to guide T-Cong leaders


Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s Telangana State visit is almost finalized. According to party sources the party is planning a massive public rally in Siddipet on June 1 or 2 and Rahul Gandhi is coming to attend the rally. The sources however said that Rahul visit is not limited to address the rally; he also interacts with the party senior leaders to explain his ‘vision’ and future plan of action to re -vitalize the party at the national level and also give a road map to capture power in Telangana. However according to sources the ostensible reason for his visit, the maiden one after the party debacle in 2014, may be to strengthening the party, the real reason is to check the possible exodus of party senior leader to BJP.

The series of party debacles in State after the State and surge of the BJP even in states where it has no visible presence till recently has demoralized the party leaders and the cadre and prepared to join the saffron party. The Party State leadership has taken it to the notice of the party high command and as a last ditch effort to keep the flag together Rahul Gandhi is coming, the sources said. But how far he can succeed in his efforts is anybody’s guess.




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