Rahul Gandhi finally punctures PM’s balloon in Modi’s native district

Rahul Gandhi  was received by hundreds of supporters in Mehsana, Gujarat, the native district of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Here he finally told a cheering audience the details of “personal corruption” of the PM. This district also happens to be the hotbed of the Patidar or Patel agitation led by Hardik Patel, which shook the BJP-ruled state.

The Congress for the first time after 20 years had strong reasons to be in Gujarat- in the background of  the Patel agitation and the Dalit disillusionment with BJP after the Una incident where 4 Dalit youth were publicly flogged by Gau rakshaks, demonetization was the last straw, alienating  the masses from the ruling government. Elections in this state will be held in December 2017.

Demonetization  is not against corruption but  against the innocent people of the country

Reiterating his statement that  by demonetization, the government is fire bombing its poor, looting them to make the few corporate richer,Rahul also stated that Modi is a good event  manager who was busy handing over 60 per cent of country’s resources to 50 families who go with him to Australia & US.

 The 99 % innocent people are not black money hoarders

 Black money is mainly stashed in real estate, gold and definitely not in cash, said Rahul Gandhi. Reminding Modi of his election promise of bringing back the huge money kept in Swiss bank accounts, Rahul Gandhi asked the crowd if anyone of them received 15 lakhs in their account as promised, to  which the crowd shouted a thunderous no.

Crowd shouts, “Modi chor, chor”

“Sahara diary revealed that Modi was paid bribe regularly. Why  did the Income Tax Dept. not probe this angle?  Entire record is with Income tax department. Birla paid Rs 25 crore to Modi Ji. In 6 months, 9 times Sahara people have given money to PM Modi, as per the records in their diary. . These records are with the Income Tax Department. The Income tax has stamped and signed these papers. Income Tax has mentioned that there should be an inquiry. Why has there been no inquiry for the last two and half years? I demand an independent inquiry into Sahara & Birla diary.” The crowd chorused chor, chor, throughout .

 Narendra Modi is ‘pure like Ganga’

In response to the several allegations made by Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi against BJP, Union Minister of Law, Ravi Shankar Prasad held a press conference in New Delhi, slamming Rahul and also the Congress party.  “Rahul Gandhi is levelling baseless charges to divert attention from AugustaWestland scam,” said Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Ravi Shankar Prasad further added that PM Narendra Modi is ‘pure like Ganga’ and none can level such charges against the Prime Minister of a country. However  he ruled out any further enquiry into these serious allegations.


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