Rahul Gandhi  in U.S : A question of jobs

Rahul Gandhi, the Vice-President of the Congress party, who is on a two-week tour of the US is delivering important messages to his home country.  Today, on September 20,  he spoke at the Princeton University as part of his interactive tour and propounded that the reason for the rise of PM Modi – and also of US President Donald Trump to an extent – was the “question of jobs”.

“A large part of our populations simply do not have jobs and cannot see a future and so they are feeling the pain. And they have supported these type of leaders. The problem is that the record on jobs of these leaders — I do not know Trump so I won’t go there — but certainly our Prime Minister is not good enough.”

Anger building up  in India

Saying that he basically liked the concept of “Make in India” which was conceived by the BJP, he pointed out that it was basically aimed to help the large business companies and not the medium and small  companies where the jobs should be created.

“PM Modi feels large businesses should be targeted. I feel medium and small companies should be targeted. That is where the jobs are going to come from.Because of the failure to create jobs, he said, “anger is building up” against the government.

For 30,000 young men entering the job market every day in India, only 450 jobs are being created, he said.”Those same people who got angry with us because we could not deliver on those 30,000 jobs are now going to get angry with Modi.”

He also accepted that the Congress does not have an immediate solution as the problem was more deep-rooted.

Last week, at an interactive session at the University of California, Berkeley, Mr Gandhi  made headlines by taking on the Prime Minister in a direct attack on his mode of functioning and the growing intolerance in India.


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