Raids on NDTV condemned by eminent lawyer Fali Nariman

“We citizens in India enjoy freedoms that are not enjoyed in most places in the continent of Asia. We are meeting here to prevent further de-legitimisation of the media by condemning the unexplained raid on NDTV.”

Freedom of speech is all about freedom after speech

Speaking at a well attended meeting  organised in the Press Club of India in New Delhi, noted lawyer and constitutional expert condemned the recent CBI raids conducted on the television channel, NDTV and  stressed that freedom of speech is all about “freedom after speech.”

Why did CBI create FIR on basis of complaint by private individual?

The  CBI had filed an FIR directly on the basis of information supplied by a private individual regarding event that occurred 8 years ago? – was the question raised by Mr. Nariman. The timing of the raid was also stressed as it immediately followed the incident of  NDTV anchor asking the BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra to apologise or leave a show she was hosting, after Patra claimed that the channel had an agenda.this happenned on 1st June. The CBI filed FIR against NDTV on 2nd June.

No  inquiry was made by CBI  before conducting raids

Instead of asking explanation and making enquiries, the CBI directly swung into  action and raided both the NDTV office and home of Prannoy Roy on 5-6-2017 – not a single letter of CBI to NDTV with regard to the allegations made in Sanjay Dutt’s letter of 28-04-2017.

These judicial mal procedure was brought out by Mr Nariman who stressed that freedom of speech is all about “freedom after speech.”

The meeting was also addressed by Arun Shourie, MP, H.K.Dua, India Today Group editor-in-chief Arun Purie, and senior journalist Kuldip Nayar.


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