Rajasekhar still can’t get over Pawan’s Gabbar Singh slight

Hero Rajasekhar has still not forgotten the insult that Pawan Kalyan had inflicted on him in Gabbar Singh. In Gabbar Singh, there is this famous antyakshari scene. In that, there is one dialogue “Emp Cheptiri Em Cheptiri”. In this dialogue Pawan imitates Rajasekhar.

Rajasekhar feels Pawan did this deliberately. Even after so many years, he has not forgotten this. He mentioned this during a promotional interview for his upcoming film Garudavega. “Pawan may have something against me. So he used the film to hit back at me. The scene also shows Pawan giving a warning,”said Rajasekhar. He said he may have bore a grudge against him because he left Praja Rajyam Party.


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