Ram Charan’s Dhruva Trailer Review 

The much-awaited theatrical trailer of Ram Charan’s Dhruva has been out just a while ago. The trailer is just outstanding!. Whatever you want to see in a Ram Charan film is there in Dhruva, there is love, chemistry, high action sequences, emotion and dances.

Ram Charan is spotted flaunting his perfectly toned body and ‘six pack abs’ in the trailer. 
The music and the background score in the trailer is very good and fits well with the narrative of the trailer.  All the scenes have been shot very well and stylish director Surender Reddy shown Charan in a more stylished way. When you have a handsome hero, you need an equally handsome villain.
 Dhruva proves the point with Aravind Swamy. Charan and Rakul stand out. All in all, the theatrical trailer is high on action and it increased expectations on the film.  Going by the trailer Ram Charan has a winner in his hand. 


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