RGV blasts Naga Babu

Mega brother Naga Babu lashed out at filmmaker RGV for making controversial tweets on Chiranjeevi’s 150th movie Khaidi No 150.

Speaking at the pre-release event of Khaidi No 150, Naga Babu said that some persons are using the names of mega star and Mega heroes. ” A waste fellow has been tweeting about Chiranjeevi. But that Aku pakshi should know that his time is over and he lost form. If he really wants to throw bombs, I ask him to go to Mumbai and start blasting. Don’t make silly comments here,” Naga Babu said.

Responding on the criticism of Nagababu, RGV first apologized to Mega Family for hurting them. However, within an hour, RGV started hitting back at Naga Babu.

“Hey some idiot hacked my account and did not put tweets in telugu. Sorry typo error ..Hey some idiot did not hack my account and put tweets in telugu,” he tweeted.

In another tweet, he said, “Naga Babu Saaaaar because u can’t understand English please ask some educated friend to translate my tweets in telugu.”

RGV did not stop here. He also tweeted, “Naga Babu Saaar u don’t have 0.1 greatness as ur great brother and that’s why ur great brother doesn’t make just meaningless noises like u. Nagababu Saaar before advising me what to do,please question urself what kind of Zabardast career u have had in ur entire non life.”

Now, it remains to be seen how Naga Babu will respond to RGV’s statements.


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