Saala hum tank hain… will rollover competitors, says Paytm CEO

A video of Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma, who is reportedly a little high after drinks in a private company party, has been going viral on the social networking sites. After seeing this video, many feel that success and growth of Paytm has gone over his head. While many on Facebook did not approve of Vijay’s display of arrogance on his organisation’s success, some just enjoyed watching him speak the way he did.

In the video, he is seen motivating his company employees with sharp words. The manner in which Vijay delivered the dialogues has caught the attention of everyone. In the video, he is seeing shouting at the microphone that he is holding and jumping shouts “Paytm, Paytm,Paytm”.

“Agar koi samne aaya, ya toh samne se hat jayega ya phir mar jayega… hum toh saala na cycle hain, na auto…ham hain tank… There is no problem, no roadblock, no milestone that is difficult for us… we are tank and we will rollover everyone,” he says.

He also said, “God has given us the opportunity to serve the country, has offered us opportunity to help remove the poverty… Whatever you do is not just mere work, it is the work that history will remember… we will define the future of my country, friends.”  “What if we are not fighting at borders, but we will go to corners of the country and clean all the banking and financial services” For emphasis, he adds: “Saala  jab itihas likha jayega na, hamara itihas mein naam zaroor hoga,” he added.



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