Shatamanam Bhavati Review & Rating

Director : Satish Vegesna

Producer : Dil Raju

Music Director : Mickey J Meyer

Cast : Sharwanand, Anupama Parameshwaran, Prakash Raj, JayaSudha and Naresh

Rating: 3/5

Young and talented hero Sharwanand scored a decent hit last Sankranthi with Express Raja. This time, he is coming up with a completer family entertainer ‘Shatamanam Bhavati’. Let’s see how the film shaped up.

Raju (Sharwanand) is a village guy who stays with his grandfather Raju Garu(Prakash Raj) and his grandmother(Jayasudha) in a village Athreyapuram in East Godavari. His grand parents always feel about their sons and daughters, who settled in abroad, as they hardly pay a visit to the village. So, Raju Garu churns out a plan to bring all of his family members to village during Sankranthi time. But this has upset Raju Garu’s wife. Later, some differences cropped among the family members. What is Raju Garu’s plan? How will Raju solve the problems? forms the rest of the story.

Sharwanand as gave his best performance to date in Shatamanam Bhavati . He has shown so much maturity and has also looked handsome. His chemistry with Anupama Parameswaran is make you want to root for her.  Anupama Parameswaran gave a wonderful performance and she plays her role with aplomb. Her expressions in love scenes are very pleasing.

After long time, Prakash Raj got a meaty role and one cannot ignore his performance in the film. Jayasudha brings a lot of depth to her role. Others performed according to their roles.

Mickey J Meyer’s music is good and the background score lifts up the film. Shatamanam Bhavati has many breath taking visuals. The camera work by Sameer Reddy is top notch and is one of the main assets of the film. Production values are good. Director Satish Vignesa had done a wonderful job in bringing out the emotions required from his actors and executes a beautiful drama. The way he narrates a simple love story with a gripping narration and is what makes things work here.

It’s a pleasant movie with beautiful cinematography, good music and shimmering chemistry between Sharwa and Anupama.

On the down side, the story of the film is quite predictable and the director only relayed on emotions. There is nothing new in the story and the pace of the film is very slow. Many may disappointed with slow paced narration without many twists. Forced comedy scenes spoil the narration.The second half looks quite predictable and the reason behind Jayasudha’s anger is not convincing 

Overall, Shatamanam Bhavati is a pleasant movie where you can take your entire family and enjoy this Sankranthi. This movie will surely connect to family audience.


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